Ayurvedic literature review on sandhigatavata (osteoarthritis).
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sandhigata vata, Osteoarthritis, Ayurvedic

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Shivaji Kagade. (2023). Ayurvedic literature review on sandhigatavata (osteoarthritis). Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 11(5). Retrieved from https://www.ayurlog.com/index.php/ayurlog/article/view/1183


The most typical kind of articular illness is sandhigata vata. It is undoubtedly a form of Vatavyadhi that occurs in Vriddhavastha in especially because of Dhatukshaya, which restricts common sporting activities like going for walks, getting dressed, bathing, and many others. It qualifies as Kashtasadhya since it is a Vatavyadhi, is situated in Marmasthisandhi, and occurs in old age. The key role played by the Vata Dosha in the illness. The entire lifestyle science of Ayurveda places special focus on the helpful aspect of vayu. Sandhigata vata is one of the unique illnesses that can affect the human body as a result of the prokopana of vayu, asatmya aahara, and vihara. The medical functions assigned to Ayurveda are actually related to those indicated by modern counterparts about osteoarthritis. The article's goal is to discuss how sandhigata vata affects osteoarthritis and how it is treated in Ayurveda. The primary sign of the condition connected with Sandhishotha with Vata Purna Druti Sparsha, loss of joint activities, or painful joint movement, is Shula Pradhana Vedana.

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