Sutika Paricharya And Its Importance
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Sutika Paricharya

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A woman is always given importance in Ayurveda by elucidating care at every phase of her life in respect of Rajaswala paricharya (menstrual care), Garbhini Paricharya ( Ante Natal Care), and Sutika Paricharya (Post natal Care).In Ayurveda,the term Sutika (Puerperal women) can be used only after expulsion of placenta. Puerperium is the period following child birth during which the body tissues especially the pelvic organs revert back to pre pregnant state; both anatomically and physiologically. Due to development of foetus,instability of body tissues, exertion of labour pains and excretion of moisture and blood, woman becomes very weak. After following proper purperial care, woman regains all the lost energy and reaches to pre-pregnant status.


To review the literature of Sutika, Sutika Kaala, Sutika samanya and vishishta Paricharya, pathya and apathya with importance of Sutika paricharya.


It is a conceptual study and data on sutika paricharya is collected from various samhitas. Clinical importance of Sutika paricharya is also reviewed. Basic principle of sukita paricharya is mentioned.After explaining Sutika, Sutika kaala, sutika samanya and vishishtha paricharya & its pathya and apathya is elaborated according to different samhitas


 Sutika who becomes weak due to development of foetus, loss of Dhatus, excretion of Kleda, blood and exhaustion due to labour pains regains her pre-pregnant state by following this Paricharya.


 Thousands of years ago, Ayurveda described diets and regimens in Sutika Kaala is totally scientific. After following Sutika Paricharya, Sutika can achieve Garbhashyashuddhi, Dhatu paripurnatva and Sthanya vriddhi and avoid post natal complications.

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