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Abhyantara Snehapana, Shamana, Shodhana Snehapana

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Karade, R. (2021). SHAMANA SNEHAPANA: A CONCEPTUAL STUDY . Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 9(03).


Ayurveda is a holistic approach of life and in Ayurveda shodhana and shamana chikitsa are two main aspects of ayurvedic treatment. In Ayurveda shodhana therapy is for purification of the body but this therapy is not economical, patient have to follow so many diet regimens. In today's life-style patient is not easily convinced for shodhana therapy because of time limitations. Shamana snehapana is a unique and special method of internal administration of sneha dravya (unctuous medicine) mentioned in the classical ayurveda texts. Shamana snehapana is a procedure which pacify the doshas in their own site without altering their prakrut form. Because of the lack of adequate review and analysis, this method of administration of snehapana (internal administration of lipid) is losing its significance and the concept remains unexplored. It is more convenient, economical, less time consuming and easy to carried out OPD based therapy. This review is an attempt to enlighten the Shamana snehapana in conceptual as well as in clinical manner.
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