Management of Asrgdara through ayurveda
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Asrgdara, Nidan-Samprapti, Menorrhagia, Yonivyapad, Artavadushti, Chikitsa, Ayurveda,

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Ayurveda  Acharya explaining general clinical features says that excessive and prolonged blood loss during menstruation or even scanty blood loss during intermenstrual period is known as Asrgdara. Menorrhagia is defined as excessive cyclic uterine bleeding which occurs at regular intervals over several cycles, or prolonged bleeding that lasts for more than seven days, Modern medicine  NSAIDS , anti-fibrinolytic agents & hormonal therapies used for menorrhagia Aim of this review is to evaluate& effectiveness of ayurveda treatment of Asrgdara. Is to elaborate the management of Asrgadara through Ayurveda. Different type of dosa, dhatu, smaprapti ,srotashdusthi and anubandhitalakshana are seen in every patient of that treatment should be depends on the basis of dosha anubandhan & samprapati vightan chikitsha. Asrgdara treated with dipan, pachana, shodhana, shaman, barhaniya, balyaand raktasthamabak chikitsa by using Madhurtikta Kashaya rasa pardhanadravys  in different type of asrgadar.

Article pdf download


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