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Role of Preconceptional Care In Ayurveda
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Garbhadhan, prasuti, preconceptional Garbhadhan, prasuti, preconceptional care, Shreyasi praja.e, Shreyasi praja

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Patil, G., & Daruwale, J. N. (2020). Role of Preconceptional Care In Ayurveda. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(03). Retrieved from


Reproduction is one of the basic requirement of any species to continue it's existence in universe. Stage wise procedure are included in human reproduction leading to formation of new individual. In this finely calculated series of events any deviation can lead to drastic pathological condition.

The preconceptional care in Ayurveda was described centuries back to get deceased free and good progeny by following the regimen and ritual. The reaserchers show that each seminal ejaculation in intercourse depletes the body energy of sperm for 1 month before conception was planned. The aim of Aharaniyama before conception was to evaluate the qualities of sperm and ovum. Thus, to get a Shreyashipraja, this study is to explore Ayurveda measures. Aims and Objects:- To collect the literary resources regarding preconceptional care in Ayurveda. Discussion: Ayurveda texts have included and deeply discussed about preconcrptional care fir good progeny and all those points are discussed further.  Conclusion: A person with healthy body and healthy mind would also give birth to a healthy progeny. Ayurveda preconception measure helps to achieve the goal of preparing couple for a new life and to contribute towards healthy society.

Article pdf download
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