To analyse the scientific approach of the origin of poison
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Visha, Origin , Samudramanthan, Mythological, Churning of ocean

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Dongre, S. S. (2020). To analyse the scientific approach of the origin of poison. Ayurlog: National Journal of Research in Ayurved Science, 8(06). Retrieved from


Agadtantra is one of the branch of Ashtang Ayurved , where Visha, its origin, characters, signs and symptoms of poisoning, treatment with the help of different agadas are mentioned. Origin of Visha has explained by different acharyas by different way like Samudra manthan, a demon called Kaitabh etc.Also In other countries , origin of poison is by different way. Now we all have to analyse on all these aspects said by previous acharyas and even in other countries. We have to think whether it could be possible scientifically and practically.Concept of Origin of earth by modern science plays very important role to understand this. We should think that really churning of ocean is possible . We need to view the scientific approach of this thing .According to that this story seems to be mythological. We have to go with the time change and accepting the scientific facts.

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