Factors Affecting On Aging - An Ayurvedic Review .
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Keywords - Aging,Jara,Dosh,Dhatu,Agni,Mala.

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                   Aging is a universal  process that probably began with origin of life. After birth growth and senility ultimately leading to death are inevitable process. Accumulation of the diverse deleterious changes produced by aging throughout  the cells and tissues progressively impairs function and can eventually cause death. In Ayurveda, aging is known  as jara  defined as  ‘jiryati iti jara’. It is the process of becoming old. As age advances, several changes take place in the body, in the external appearance , in the condition of dosha ,dhatu, mala ,agni , oja ,and so on as well as in the mental and congnitive functions.1 So here is an attempt to explore the factors affecting in Aging.

Article pdf download

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